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Accessibility & Inclusion

Accessibility and Inclusion



The Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry was established in 2015 to further St. George’s mission of creating a space for all.  The A&I Ministry seeks to address issues of accessibility and inclusion for those in our community who may need accommodations or who may feel like they are on the fringes.  Members of the A&I Ministry are committed to making everyone who walks through the doors of St. George’s feel welcome and part of our church.  


In June 2015, the A&I Ministry represented St. George’s for the first time at the Capital Pride celebration.  Future events will include parish forums and continued meetings to identify areas of need and action opportunities. The ministry is especially focused on the upcoming renovations to our facilities. We want to ensure that all renovations are made with accessibility in mind.  

If you feel called to this ministry, you are welcome right now!  Please contact Dennis Fish at