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Shrine mont Parish WEekend

April 26-28, 2019!

Registration for the 2019 Parish Weekend is full, but feel free to email to be added to the wait list!

Our annual Shrine Mont retreat is a great chance to take a break form your busy life and relax and get to know other members of our Saint George's community.



Do you want to help make our Shrine Mont retreat a success?

Want to help advertise for our Shrine Mont retreat? Or manage registration for the retreat? Help plan music, or activities for the weekend? Rather then having 2 or 3 people in charge of the whole retreat, we're seeking "subchairs"-with specific and time limited tasks-to help plan our Shrine Mont parish retreat. Many of these jobs are before the weekend (so you don't have to do anything the weekend of the retreat!) Interested in helping? For details of the various subchair roles, see below. Questions? Speak to Elena Keydel, Shrine Mont Retreat Chair,


During January, February and March oversee advertising for Shrine Mont. This includes Announcements, Dragonbytes and the Bulletin. You’ll work with the Registration co-chair to determine timing and how many spaces are left. 


During January, set up with registration website and work with Joel to get it on the website.. During February and March oversee online registration to make sure we don’t overbook. 

Giveaway- During March and April come up with ideas for the giveaway, research and order what ever is decided.

Buying supplies- Work with Chair to determine what is needed for the weekend and do any shopping needed the week before for the Retreat

First Timers- You’re in charge of making sure First Timer’s to the retreat feel welcome and have their questions answered. You’ll check in with these folks through out the weekend and make sure they understand the schedule and where things are. Also, work with the Chair to send out an email the week before with some explanations about Shrine Mont (Porching, what to bring etc)

Nametags- 2 weeks before retreat provide Joel with names of attendees and get nametags back from him. 

Transporting stuff to Shrine Mont (Coordinated by Chair)- Bringing the various items up to Shrine Mont and then back to church

Help setting up on Friday- Arriving at Shrine Mont about noon on Friday, helping set up the signs, getting things distributed around Shrine Mont as needed

Friday night registration- Helping check people in on Friday evening, answering any questions as people check in

Music: Saturday evening sing along, Compline and Sunday morning-In charge of music for the weekend, Compline Friday and Saturday evening, Service music Sunday morning, as well as Group Sing Saturday night. 

Saturday morning program- You’re in charge of the Saturday morning adult program.

Saturday morning kids program- You’re in charge of the Kids Saturday morning program.

Saturday afternoon activities-Identifying activities for Saturday afternoon and coordinating with appropriate leaders.

Porching- Be the coordinator at one of three porching sites, make sure plates, cups, napkins etc are there and that participants are cleaning up after themselves and take their food with them-helping bring extra food back to birdcage at the end of porching.

Worship supplies-Check with Shearon, and bring anything needed for worship to Shrine Mont.

Clean up- Help with clean-up, making sure the garbage cans are emptied and new bags are put in-especially Saturday night during porching. Help encourage people to take their food back with them after porching.