Saint George's Church
Loving God. Serving Others. Changing the world.


Our Vestry

The vestry is our elected leadership board is responsible for the financial and visionary leadership of Saint George’s.


Mary Yuhas (Senior Warden, Organ Committee Liaison)

Anne Norloff (Junior Warden, Buildings and Grounds, Liaison)

Parks Gilbert, Treasurer                

Linda Sibert, Assistant Treasurer


Ike Emejuru (Vestry Member, Social Justice Liaison)

Preston Findlay (Vestry Member, Register)

Ed Mott (Vestry Member, Outreach Liaison)

Ellyn "Lyn" Crawford (Vestry Member, Fellowship Liaison)

Suzanne Stephens (Vestry Member, San Jose Liaison)

Margret Hjalmarson (Vestry Member, Finance Liaison)

Mike Giaquinto (Vestry Member, Worship Liaison)

Seton Droppers (Vestry Member, Pastoral Care Liaison)

Manuel Figallo (Vestry Member, Children and Youth Liaison)

Katie Wells (Vestry Member, Administration Liaison)