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Weekly Message

Diaconal Ordinations

Dear Friends,

I am really looking forward to the diocesan diaconal ordination on Saturday, March 2nd at 10:30 a.m. at Good Shepherd, Burke.  Saint George's is blessed to have three of the five ordinands, Crystal Hardin, Daniel Johnson and Amanda Kotval.  Crystal is a former Senior Warden and discerned a call to the priesthood here.  Daniel is our current seminarian and has been with us for the last two years.  Amanda was with us last summer.  It is great honor for all of us to be a part of shaping these future priests.   

Saint George's has a long history of having wonderful seminarians.  It's an important part of our identity and ministry.  Our seminarians always tell me how much their experience at Saint George's means to them.  They appreciate being welcomed in so graciously and really being embraced during the time that they are with us.  They know that we take their formation very seriously.  They especially value their lay committee experience and comment about how committed their committee members are.  The members of Daniel's lay committee are Mike Giaquinto (convener), Patty Droppers, Josh House, Maria Melton, Jill Nussbaum and Lindsay Stoudt.  We are very grateful for their ministry.  

Each and every one of us is helping to prepare our seminarians for their ordained ministries.  It's wonderful to think about a big piece of Saint George's going with them into their first calls and beyond.  I hope we will have a huge Saint George's contingency at Good Shepherd, Burke on the 2nd.  Please come if you are able.  If you are not, I'm sure Crystal, Daniel and Amanda would appreciate a note of support.  

Blessings abound!