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Weekly Message

Social Justice Sunday

Dear Friends,

This Sunday is the Last Sunday after the Epiphany and the final Sunday before the Lenten season begins.  It is also Social Justice Sunday at Saint George's.  We will be blessed to have the Reverend Melanie Mullen, Director of Reconciliation, Justice and Creation Care for the Episcopal Church, USA, as our guest preacher and forum speaker.  Melanie is on Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's staff.  I hope that you will be able to come to a service as well as the 9:30 a.m. forum to hear about the vitally important social justice ministry of our National Church.  Please see below for details.

In Sunday's Gospel, Luke 9: 28-36, Jesus takes his disciples, Peter, James and John, up a mountain to pray and Jesus' clothes become dazzling white and he is transfigured before them.  Peter wants to linger on the mountaintop, relishing this amazing mystical experience, but Jesus leads them back down the mountain to continue their ministry of healing.  The ministry of social justice is a healing ministry.    We need the mountaintop experience for clarity of vision and we also need to bring that inspiration into our pursuit of justice for the marginalized and oppressed.  We are called to continue Jesus' work of bringing the world to wholeness.

I look forward to coming together on the mountaintop this Sunday and then to return to our justice ministry with renewed spirits!

Yours in Christ,