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Weekly Message

Our Lenten Journey

Dear Friends in Christ,
I’m fairly used to spending most of my time inside these days. And, at this point, imagining a forty-day trip into the wilderness feels downright bucolic. I can imagine the beauty of those desert afternoons—the evening breeze through the dunes at sunset, the stars multiplying in the sky as the blue of eventide fades into violet. And, as the night darkens, I imagine a new moon revealing the cascade of the milky way across the sky. I feel a deep sense of peace, outside in creation.
There is also a humbling awe when I also consider the danger of the wilderness. The heat of the day can turn a series of sand dunes into a massive dutch oven, baking the ground. And conversely, the disappearance of the sun can precede a precipitous drop in temperature.
Reflecting on the beauty and power of the Ordinations this past Saturday, as well as the beauty and power of our Ash Wednesday liturgy, I find myself wondering about Christ’s attitude as he began his forty day journey. I wonder what he packed and what he feared. The Spirit was pushing him into a new understanding of his call. And, I see the beauty (and the challenge) of the wilderness helping to clarify that call.
I wonder how the Spirit is pushing St. George’s this Lent. I wonder if we will have greater clarity about our identity and calling come Easter, and if so, in what ways. I’m curious about our collective and individual paths: our places and perspectives of shelter, as well as our places and perspectives of beauty—where we can find ourselves standing awestruck at God’s artistry. Lent is underway once more: I hope we can share and enjoy the journey.