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Weekly Message

Celebrating our Children

Dear Friends,

With the World Premiere of our 4th-7th grade Sunday School movie scheduled to follow our 10:30am Youth Sunday Service, this weekend is an opportunity for us to reflect on what the youngest St. Georgians among us can teach us about our faith. I know there have been numerous times in my own life, where someone younger has ended up being my teacher in matters of faith. Students have a particular gift for genuine gratitude, and I also appreciate their uninhibited honesty with regard to their emotions, and the often-attendant questions of justice. The story of Joseph and his brothers, starting at Genesis 37, includes some sections with a little more emotional “honesty” than we might want to choose for ourselves, in our modern lives—but the Word speaks even in that story. The story of Joseph is the focus of our Cinematic feature, created with help from Bernie DeLeo, Tim Byrne, and the members and teachers of the 4th-7th grade Sunday School. But I hope that the gratitude named by that class in their composition of the Prayers of the People can also stay with us this weekend, as we wrap up our program year and give thanks for the good things in our past and in our lives even now:
“Loving God, these are the things we are thankful for: the food we eat, the homes where we live, and all animals. We are grateful for being able to play and for the games and toys we enjoy. We are thankful for getting an education and for summer vacation.”