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Weekly Message

The Time has Come!!

“Dear, Ben. The time has come.” These were the first few words of the latest email I received from our organ builder, Martin Pasi.  Indeed, the time has come! Construction has begun on our new organ, Opus 28, or “The Arlington Organ” as it is referred to in Martin’s shop.  Over the next 16 months, Martin’s team of five artisans will fashion and shape raw materials into the thousands of individual parts which make up an organ.   Metals will be melted into a specific alloy and rolled out on a table into metal sheets. From these over two thousand pipes will be cut and soldered. Wood will be formed and shaped into the case, console, pedals, and the like.  Beautiful pipe shades will be carved, two sets of keys will be made from cow bone, and trackers will be constructed from graphite composite.  

I am so excited for our parish, the greater community and for what the commissioning of Pasi, Opus 28, means for ministry at Saint George's and outreach in our community.   We have embarked on a journey to bring a new instrument into being, one that will uplift and lead the prayers and praises of God’s people in this place not only for our generation, but for many generations to come.  

Over the course of this year, your organ committee is excited to share photos of our new instrument as it is formed by the hands of master artisans.  We are excited to have you meet our organ builder, Martin Pasi, at a forum on Nov. 3rd.  And we are excited to finally celebrate the completion of our new organ and dedicate it to the glory of God in a short 16 months.

Yes, indeed, the time has come!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Ben Keseley, Minister of Music