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Weekly Message

Sing out!

Music consoles. Music heals. Music alters, and it transforms.

In western culture, music is often thought of as “one” of the arts. We often relegate it to areas of life regarded as decorative or enhancing instead of foundational. In some eastern communities, however, there is no word for music. It is inseparable from life. It is an essential, foundational part of being human.

We all are singing, musical beings by our very human nature, even if we all do not love or respond to music equally. As humans we need music in order to tell and hear the whole truth. It helps us make sense of our crazy world. It helps us put things in order. Its rhythms, melodies, and harmonies console, heal, alter and transform us at a fundamental level. Science has even proven this.

Recent research has shown the benefit of singing together in a group. Blood pressure drops, heart beats sync, and minds are calmed. We live longer when we sing together regularly. Our singing together at Saint George’s in worship and at other times is one of the great gifts we share together. It is why our organ committee selected Martin Pasi to build our new organ as his instruments excel in leading congregational song.

I encourage you to sing out even more when we sing together. If you don’t think you can sing, sing, because you can! We all have a voice to raise in praise of our God, and by doing it together (whether on or off pitch) it is only more beautiful because we are singing together.

For the music of creation,
For the song your Spirit sings,
For your sound’s divine expression,
Burst of joy in living things:
God, our God, the world’s composer,
Hear us, echoes of your voice –
Music is your art, your glory,
Let the human heart rejoice!
-- Shirley Erena Murray

Soli Deo Gloria!
Ben Keseley, Minister of Music