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Weekly Message

Easter Joy

Dear Friends,

We had such an amazing Easter celebration last Sunday!  It was great to have two completely packed services.  It was a blessing and privilege to share our nave with so many family members and friends as we rejoiced in the Resurrection.

And it's great to know that Easter is not one day but an entire season.  The Resurrection is so extraordinary that it takes a while to unpack. The Great Fifty Days of Easter gives us time to reflect on the many implications of this centerpiece of our faith.

This Sunday at Saint George's we will be blessed to have a wonderful guest celebrant, the Reverend Dr. Rosemary Beales.  Please see below for an introduction.  I know that you will show her a lot of great Saint George's hospitality.  

About 120 of us will be at Shrine Mont for our annual parish retreat.   Shrine Mont is such an incredible place.  I look forward to connecting, relaxing, laughing and worshipping together in this lovely spot.

Those of us at Shrine Mont will be praying for all of you gathered at Saint George's on Sunday and we ask you to pray for us.  

I leave you with a portion of our psalm for Sunday.  

"You are my God, and I will thank you; 
you are my God, and I will exalt you."

Easter joy,