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Having touched “another world”

I love the season of Lent!  It’s not just that it provides us with a time for the spring cleaning of our souls, or that it has some of the most beautiful music of any of our liturgical seasons.  For me, Lent is anything but a sorrowful and sad season, but quite the opposite.  There is a quiet joy that pervades.  What I love most is that this season is about undergoing a transformation.  Lent provides the structure for self-examination in the midst of our chaotic world.  It provides that opportunity to re-order our lives, to put our focus and energy into that which is truly important - our faith in God…

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Singing together…expanding the landscape of the heart

One of the reasons I chose my profession over others was because I loved to sing.  But more than just loving to sing, I loved to sing with others, especially when it involved hymns.  As a young child, I was immersed in the great four-part Lutheran hymn singing tradition.  It was both mystical and robust and it made a lasting impression on me.  And though I didn’t realize it in my youth, it was something that I physically felt and profoundly holy experience.  I still do today.

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My first experience with Evensong was an online broadcast from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.  I was fresh out of college serving a large Lutheran congregation in North Dakota which served as the center of music and arts for a large area.  I started listening because I was curious about this Episcopal service that had such a cool title.  But mostly I was looking for repertoire ideas, and wanted to hear some good organ playing.  I didn’t think it was possible to worship remotely, so I wasn’t prepared when I found myself captivated and moved by this service.  The music was glorious, but what I found especially moving was how the profound mystery and presence of God emanated throughout the service in a different way than it did in our Eucharistic liturgy.  

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A chase, a couple love duets, and a bunny hop

On Christmas Eve at 9:30pm, as a prelude to our Festival Eucharist the Saint George’s Choir will sing Bach’s famous Cantata 140, “Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme” (Sleepers, Wake!).  It is a truly glorious and beautiful work packed with rich symbolism that probes the mysteries of our faith. I love how Bach accomplishes this in an adventure-filled journey complete with a chase scene of Hollywood proportion, gorgeous love duets, and a festive bunny hop.

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